June 10, 2020

Do I need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

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StowAway Self Storage, Madison Heights, VA - Climate Controlled Storage Facility Hallway
An interior view of one of our Brand New Climate Controlled Buildings

Basic self storage is sufficient for a lot, if not most household, business or yard items. With that being said, not everyone needs climate control as traditional self-storage will suffice. However, StowAway Storage offers Climate Controlled storage in Madison Heights, Virginia to protect your belongings from damage caused by extreme weather conditions during the winter and summer. Climate control storage units keep your items at a safe temperature throughout the year, and maintain humidity levels that prevent mold and mildew from growing. A climate controlled environment provides valuable protection for anything that you may need to store. Plastic, wood and metal left exposed to summer’s heat and winter’s frigid cold can warp and weaken. Our climate controlled units provide an extra layer of protection for what matters.

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

  1. Protection from Extreme Temperature
  2. Pay a Little Extra for Added Peace of Mind
  3. Continuously Circulated Air Leads to Great Air Quality
  4. Enclosed units eliminate worries about damage from extreme temperatures, pests or corrosion if you end up needing storage for longer than anticipated
  5. Controlled temperatures create a comfortable environment in your unit while visiting.

Items that may be susceptible to damage without a controlled climate include:

  1. Valuables
  2. Antiques, especially wood furniture
  3. Books and magazines
  4. Electronics
  5. Musical instruments
  6. Vinyl records
  7. Upholstered furniture
  8. Mattresses
  9. Important documents
  10. Delicate materials